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The Benefits of Ditching Paper-Based Compliance in Agriculture

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Paper-based compliance works well for many agriculture operations, but the risk of misplaced, falsified, or destroyed forms remains a liability.

Many compliance professionals are switching to food safety software programs and experiencing the benefits of ditching paper, resulting in substantial company savings and better work-life. California Giant Berry Farms saved thousands of dollars within their first year of implementing a paperless food safety solution.

Ditching paper-based compliance workflows comes with these benefits: 

Work smarter, not harder

Working smarter means more time completing meaningful work and less time on outdated administrative tasks.

Eliminating paper from your food safety program:

  • Increases staff productivity

  • Clarifies compliance goals

  • Promotes remote work

Eric Valenzuela, California Giant Berry Farm’s Director of Food Safety and Sustainability, noted how paper-based workflows made site visits less valuable:

“It became very time consuming to build the food safety manuals, which took away the main objective of being on-site and working closely with our growers.”

Increased efficiency makes family time and remote work a possibility. With digital software, you can manage and monitor your food safety from anywhere.

Simplify workflows

Food safety directors depend on many employees to complete paper documentation accurately and on time. Managing paper-based processes requires consistent hands-on management, making compliance jobs harder than they need to be.

Transitioning to digital food safety:

  • Simplifies reporting in the field

  • Eases compliance staff headaches

With a digital food safety program, teams can get data from fields to the main office faster and more securely, reducing the headaches caused by paper.

Without paper, fieldworkers can submit real-time reports on their mobile phones as they conduct inspections in the field. Managers do not have to collect these reports in person and can monitor data to take corrective actions in real-time.

Help strengthen your brand

Implementing a paperless solution supports long-term growth within your company. Adopting a digital food safety solution sends a message to peers and customers that your company is passionate about modern initiatives like sustainability.

Ditching paper-based compliance:

  • Promotes company-wide sustainability efforts

  • Inspires a positive company image

Since their adoption of HeavyConnect’s food safety software, California Giant received TRUE Zero Waste Certification and continues to prioritize their sustainability program.

“We had a small warehouse that was filled with nothing but boxes of paper for our food safety manuals. As our growing operations expanded, it became more difficult to manage the food safety program.”

Removing paper from your food safety workflows helps your team contribute to growth-oriented initiatives company-wide, promoting the importance of sustainability and your corporate image to consumers.

Prepare for audits in record time

Collecting and preparing paper documentation for audits can take weeks depending on the size of your operation.

Implementing a new digital food safety program:

  • Reduces risk associated with compliance

  • Decreases the amount of time required to be audit-ready

With a digital solution, food safety professionals are able to import their existing food safety forms into software that automatically creates and stores documentation for easy access come audit time.

Deb Garrison, founder of AgEmpowered, expressed the importance of fast audit preparations in the digital era:

“With paper it took me three days to collect documentation and report corrective actions for high priority audits. With HeavyConnect, I’ve reduced that time tremendously and can access, download, and send documentation from my digital dashboard at any moment.”

Eliminating paper from your workflow reduces the risk associated with time-sensitive audits and decreases the amount of time spent collecting documentation.

Become more agile than ever

Complying with changing regulations is necessary for any food safety professional. Managing compliance digitally improves your ability to adapt to these changes quickly.

Software allows you to quickly incorporate new regulatory requirements into your digital forms without having to start from scratch. New forms sync directly in the field so your fieldworkers can begin capturing new real-time data immediately.

Using mobile apps and dashboards:

  • Decreases time spent implementing new regulations

  • Improves field visibility across the operation

Ditching paper allows compliance employees to account for new regulations at a rapid pace, decreasing regulatory work time and providing clear visibility into your operation.

Save money with paperless food safety

Switching to a digital food safety program and cutting the costs of paper allows companies to scale financially. Beyond reams of paper, here are other costs you may not be considering as part of your program: 

  • Binders

  • Ink and printers

  • Fuel and time spent traveling between the office and fields

  • Shipping costs

In this case study, we found California Giant saved over $100K in their first year of ditching paper and using HeavyConnect’s food safety and quality assurance software.

Company savings depend on the operation’s size and costs. HeavyConnect works with growers and suppliers to estimate their ROI after going digital. You can even schedule a personalized demo with HeavyConnect to see how much you could save by digitizing your paper forms.

The New Era of Smarter Food Safety

Join the hundreds of growers and suppliers who are ditching paper and implementing smarter, more effective digital workflows. You’ll show your leaders, customers, and regulatory bodies that you are adapting with the times in step with the New Era of Smarter Food Safety.

Where can you start? Check out our case study detailing California Giant’s transition to digital food safety or schedule a demo with the HeavyConnect team.



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