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Calendar, clock, and laptop on a desk

Avoiding Common Payroll Mistakes: Timecard Rounding

Image of HeavyConnect Team
HeavyConnect Team

Keeping track of your employees’ time requires accurate tracking, coordination between crew leaders and the office, tallying up the time sheets, inputting data, uploading to payroll software, and adjusting for any mistakes. It’s easy for something small to go wrong, like a paper timecard getting lost between the field and the office, an employee clocking in late, or a crew leader forgetting to document a required break. 

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Training in the field

HeavyConnect CEO shares why the best AgTech companies are the ones spending time in the field

Image of Patrick Zelaya, CEO & Founder
Patrick Zelaya, CEO & Founder

Agriculture tends to carry a reputation for being slow to adopt new technology, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This industry has a rich history of innovation. Food producers are constantly developing new methods to efficiently grow high-quality, safe crops. What sometimes looks like a reluctance to adopt technology is justified by the high risk of new solutions and the validation that goes into every decision.

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