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HeavyConnect Helps Employers Comply With New Cal/OSHA Emergency COVID-19 Regulations

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HeavyConnect Team

Last Friday, Cal/OSHA announced new regulations around COVID-19 precautions for workers. Due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, these new rules are more stringent and went into effect immediately. Employers across the state are scrambling to implement the new policies and document their compliance.

We understand employers’ concerns about quickly complying with these new rules. Though making changes may be burdensome, such as using more buses or vans to transport workers, documenting your progress shouldn’t add to the challenge.

Keeping track of your compliance with these new rules is as simple as signing up with HeavyConnect. Our flexible platform helps employers create and use digital checklists, document worker training, and more.

Here are some of the ways HeavyConnect can help you document your compliance:

Update checklists any time to reflect ever-changing regulatory requirements

You can update or create a new checklist in minutes from an easy-to-use dashboard. It will then sync automatically with the HeavyConnect mobile app, which is built to use in the field.

Instead of dealing with new paper checklists, which are time-consuming and quickly become out-of-date, employees can use a mobile app in the field to check off items from a COVID-19 checklist.

You can update your checklists any time, from anywhere. You can add a translation for the question, choose which type of response you want the app user to enter, and choose which questions are required vs. optional.

Adding a new question to a COVID-19 checklist

Creating a new checklist is also simple. Once built in the dashboard, it can be shared to all app users with a click.

We know that regulations shift often, so we empower our users to make changes themselves any time.

Get automatic alerts when something is wrong

Since employers are required to act quickly in response to COVID-19 hazards, it doesn’t make sense to wait for a paper report to be returned before taking action. For example, employees must be screened regularly for symptoms. If they are considered to have a potential COVID-19 case, employers are required to respond “effectively and immediately.”

With HeavyConnect, you can set up automatic alerts if anything is flagged as not being in compliance. When making a checklist, you can choose which answers set off an alert and decide who needs to be notified immediately when those answers are entered into the system. If a checklist indicates that a worker is showing symptoms, you would be automatically notified as soon as that report is synced so you can take action quickly to protect other workers.

Store and share new training documents and SOPs

HeavyConnect offers a “Binders” feature to all users, where you can store and access documents and folders. For example, an employer could upload a PDF with details that need to be shared in an employee training. Then, during a tailgate training, a foreman could pull up the PDF on a mobile device for reference.

Documents stored in the HeavyConnect dashboard

Large suppliers who work with many growers can share documents in real-time to all growers and facilities so everyone has the most up-to-date SOPs and binders.

Keep completed reports and easily access them in case of an audit

When an app user completes a checklist, it is stored securely in the cloud along with an automatically geo-tagged location, timestamp, and the name of the user who filled it out. That report can be reviewed on the dashboard and then referenced any time in the future. You can even download it as a PDF to send in an email or text.

While filling out a checklist in the field, a user can add photos and comments, which will be stored as part of the report. For example, you could take a photo of partitions installed between workers where 6 feet of social distancing isn’t possible. That photo would then be stored permanently as part of a report to be referenced later on.

In case of an audit, you can easily pull all necessary reports without worrying about sorting through binders full of paperwork or not being able to find the right checklist from a certain day.

Many of our customers use HeavyConnect to prepare for audits and to share documents with an auditor. Not only can a digital solution save you time, but it provides peace of mind that you’re always ready for an unannounced labor audit.

Document worker training with signatures and automatic timestamps

Instead of collecting signatures on paper in the field when workers are trained, you can take your current training matrix digital. An app user can pull up a training module in the field and collect workers’ digital signatures. Then, as an employer, you’ll be able to look up employee progress by crew or worker and see who has been trained on COVID-19 policies, like hand washing instructions or mask rules.

Training Admin Report Phone1

With HeavyConnect, it is easy to document that you are keeping your workers safe in compliance with new COVID-19 regulations. Even if you use a different payroll or farm management software, HeavyConnect is a quick and reliable way to document your compliance with these new policies.

Get a free HeavyConnect demo or call us at (833) 722-5727 with any questions about our easy-to-use solutions.

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