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Retailers Concerned: Food Safety Standards in the Field (From GOPEX)

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For those at the Global Organic Produce Expo (GOPEX) in Miami last week, there was a lot of talk of how farming organizations and large food buyers are working to assure that new food safety standards for produce are being met in the field.

Buyers and retailers want information and insights about what is happening at the field – with the dirty details. They want assurance that food safety standards are being met - every day, in every field.

This holds true to our experience working with large food service companies on food safety across the supply chain. Large buyers need to manage their food safety risk carefully – and part of that is to understand, at a detailed level, what’s happening in the field with suppliers.

The good news for farmers is that large produce buyers and retailers are coordinating to streamline their food safety standards and other standards (that are additional to regulatory requirements).

The Packer quotes Corsi, vice president of produce for Wegmans: “Can we be in unison on this versus having our own separate standards and having a poor grower work with a different set from each buyer? That doesn’t help them,” Corsi said.

At GOPEX, Dave Corsi, Vice President of Produce for Wegmans, explained that Wegmans plans to have more boots on the ground to ensure that standards are being met.

For HeavyConnect, our new frontier is to help buyers/retailers extend their reach and visibility into the field all the time, every day, even when their teams are not on the ground. We know the difficulty of food safety compliance in the field – and built our technology specifically to deliver assurance to managers, even when they’re remote (and without needing to invest significantly in more boots on the ground). Instead, we provide full visibility of detailed food safety compliance actions, streamed right into the office.

Of course, we applaud it when large buyers want to engage in the field with their suppliers, but, as we all know, for food to be safe, compliance measures need to be met every day.  Buyers deserve that visibility and assurance every day.

Our app improves the ability of the farmer to comply with food safety and buyer standards. Our dashboard makes it easy for managers and buyers to see into the field – and it makes auditing a breeze.

We continue to explore and learn more about what it is going to take to make always-safe food a reality.

We’re always interested to learn more about the challenges your organization is facing in meeting food safety across the supply chain. If you have thoughts or would like to guest write on our blog about your experience, please write to us.

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