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Your Personalized Compliance Dashboard

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Compliance touches so many parts of every agricultural operation that it might feel like all you can do to stay on top of food safety, labor regulations, buyer requirements, and every other standard you need to prioritize. On the day-to-day level there are inspections to complete, corrective actions to take, employees to train, and documents to update. Over the long term there are audits that hold your operation accountable for all this work.

We’ve talked to many managers at the growers and facilities we work with who express how overwhelming it can be to take care of so many moving parts. We wanted to give our customers one place where they can monitor their organization’s compliance status and see which items they should focus on.

HeavyConnect’s All-In-One Compliance Dashboard

Our new All-In-One Compliance Dashboard is a centralized location to keep track of your compliance status across food safety, quality assurance, and worker training and safety. It’s a custom page that shows you everything you need to do so you can best prioritize your time. All the most relevant data is broken down into digestible sections with clear action items for you and your team.

This can become your jumping off point for bringing all the parts of your compliance plan together. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to prepare for an audit, spend your time wisely, and know what metrics to report on.

Here are a few things you’ll see on your compliance dashboard:

Compliance Score 

What it tells you: Your most recent self-audit performance is reflected here.

Why it matters: Self-audits are a clear indicator of how compliant your operation is. 

What action you can take: With a glance, you’ll know if your last self-audit score was where it should be. If it’s not on track, you’ll know you need to focus on corrective actions until you’re ready to pass the next self-audit.

Active Users 

What it tells you: You’ll see how many employees are actively using your company’s HeavyConnect account, broken down by modules like Inspector and Training.

Why it matters: This chart gives you an idea of how your employees are spending their time and whether they’re using the compliance tools available to them.

What action you can take: If an employee’s name is missing from this list, you can check in to learn why they aren’t active.

Inspector Overview

What it tells you: You’ll get a quick view of report severity in the last 30 days. Of those reports, you can see which percentage have been reviewed.

Why it matters: To stay compliant, a manager needs to review new inspections and checklists.

What action you can take: Seeing what percentage of your reports have been reviewed is a good reminder to go over any that haven’t been signed. If you’re seeing too many high severity reports, you can start looking into trends that may be causing problems.

Training Overview

What it tells you: For each training topic, you can see how many of your employees have been trained in the last 30 days.

Why it matters: Labor laws require that your employees are trained on many different topics based on their job function, start date, and more. It’s important to know if your employees are being trained frequently, or if there is a certain training that they are missing.

What action you can take: If needed, you can schedule a new tailgate training session to catch your employees up. 

Documents Expiring

What it tells you: You will see a list of documents set to expire in the next 30 days.

Why it matters: Part of being ready for an audit is having access to up-to-date documents.

How to take action: If a document is expiring soon you can replace it right away. This serves as a simple to-do list that helps you keep your documents current.

For You

What it tells you: This is a list of suggestions to get you started, including reports in need of review, reports with attention, or HeavyConnect product updates that can improve your efficiency.

Why it matters: You’ll have a personalized compliance checklist so you know exactly what needs to be done.

What action you can take: Click an item to go directly to your Inspector homepage where you can start reviewing and approving reports.

This homepage is an easy place to start your day, and you can check it from anywhere. It’s all about giving you actionable insight across every element of your compliance program. To see how a Personalized Compliance Dashboard can help streamline your organization, book a demo today.

If you are already using HeavyConnect and are interested in this dashboard, please reach out to

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