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Stress-free time cards with automatic error checking

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Time card errors are a high-stakes issue for employers. Simple mistakes can result in lost productivity, employee dissatisfaction, or even large fines.

Employers worry about complying with many laws that dictate breaks, overtime, and more. Even employers with the best intentions to follow all applicable rules often encounter errors when using paper time cards. Data can easily be written wrong in the field by a crew leader or typed incorrectly into a spreadsheet by a payroll employee.

Using a digital timekeeping system does more than just eliminate a trip from the field to office carrying a paper time card. It can also automatically catch simple mistakes on time cards before they become a bigger problem.

How does automatic error checking work?

Most of us count on spell check to catch typos before we send an email. Built-in error checking performs a similar function: ensuring you don’t have mistakes in your timecard data before uploading it to your preferred payroll software. 

HeavyConnect’s time card software is designed with labor laws in mind and is updated when new laws become applicable. For example, our software automatically checks:

  • Frequency and duration of lunch breaks
  • Attendance is within the correct range of hours
  • Productivity data is entered correctly
  • Frequency and duration of exercise activities and rest & recovery activities
  • State labor laws are being followed

Each account’s settings are customizable so employers can set their own limits and rules.

When an employer’s data doesn’t fit in the normal range, HeavyConnect will highlight it for them as a “tip.” They can click to see which details were flagged as possible errors. If the tip doesn’t represent a real issue, it is easy to dismiss. If a real mistake is found, it can be corrected instantly.


How does automatic error checking impact an employer's day-to-day?

Saves time for management and payroll teams

When a manager is alerted to a mistake, they can look more closely at the data to see the details. From there, they can reach out to the foreman to learn whether it was a data entry problem or if there was actually a missed break or other issue. Any errors can be corrected immediately through the administrative dashboard.

Pays workers the right amount (the first time)

When using a paper time card system, it’s easy to miss small errors. The data is sent to payroll, a paycheck is issued in the incorrect amount, and it’s up to the worker to notice the error and bring it up to their manager. In the best case scenario, this creates more work for the manager and payroll team. If the mistake isn’t caught or fixed, the worker isn’t paid the right amount for their labor and the employer risks a lawsuit.

Lowers risk in case of a labor audit

Employers want to know about issues as soon as possible. Since an audit can happen any time, companies with a digital time card system in place can trust they are compliant year-round.

Learn more about digital compliance tools

HeavyConnect’s digital labor management system is built for the agriculture industry. We save our customers time and money by digitizing their compliance processes from timekeeping to worker training to food safety. 

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In addition to lowering risk and avoiding errors, digital time cards give employers visibility into their operation that helps them make better management decisions. It’s easy to customize pay for individual or group piece rate tracking and export time cards to any payroll system.

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Learn more about our digital time card solution or book a free demo where our team can show you how we would customize our platform for your organization.

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