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3 Ways Timecard Data Can Help Growers Maximize Profits

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Any organization that wants to stay competitive needs to understand, predict, and plan labor costs. The good news is that just by following legal time tracking guidelines, employers already have enough data to gain a better understanding of their operation. It’s simply a matter of collecting and using that data in the right way.

Tracking employee time on paper timecards has obvious drawbacks: from more time required to enter the data into a payroll system to a higher likelihood of unnoticed errors. Aside from making payroll compliance much easier, using a digital time tracking system gives you instant insight to your operation. 

Many large growers track worker time with paper timesheets, transfer them to Excel, and then use pivot tables or other tools to analyze their data. So much time is spent inputting information, and even then there is no way to receive automatic reports or share results instantly with other stakeholders. A digital timecard solution that presents actionable data provides value that empowers an organization to maximize profits.

Here are some of the primary benefits of using a digital time tracking system with analytics:

1. Understand Production Costs & Take Action Quickly

A business owner can view and track labor costs by many variables, including:

  • By location
  • By crew or worker
  • By date
  • By crop
  • By task

Looking at these data points and how they change over time can help you streamline and identify optimization opportunities in your business. By assigning accurate labor costs to areas of production, you will have more data available to help you navigate critical business decisions like which areas of the operation need more resources. Identifying emerging productivity trends can allow you to act quickly and intervene early when necessary. Plus, if you add inputs to a rotation or adjust harvesting methodology, you can use the data you collect to build a business case for new technologies or inputs.

Whether your employees are paid by individual piece rate, group piece rate, or hourly, you can easily get the analytics you need to measure productivity.

2. Access Relevant Data Through Customized Dashboards & Automated Reports

With a digital timecard platform like HeavyConnect you can customize your dashboard so that when logging in you see a personalized view of the data points that are most important. A CFO can prioritize big picture financial data, like labor cost per harvest. If you are monitoring a specific location to see if productivity improves, you can prioritize data relevant to that location. These are easy to configure and change any time to look at different data. From your dashboard, you can drill down into any data point.

If you prefer getting automatic reports with the most important data, you can set up regular emails to be sent to you and other stakeholders. That way, you can stay up-to-date without even needing to log in.

3. Forecast Accurately

Seeing how costs were spent in the past will inform how to budget for the future. If you could compare how much it cost in labor to harvest one crop over the past few seasons, you could predict the next harvest cost and plan appropriately. By anticipating labor costs in advance, across seasonality, you can estimate future profits.

Ultimately, employers already have timecard data. Instead of letting it sit in binders or on a hard drive for the required 3 years, there is an opportunity to use it to your advantage. Treat it as a tool that gives instant insight into your operation and empowers you to make better informed  decisions, budget with more confidence, and save money in the long run. With a software platform like HeavyConnect, it doesn’t take an Excel expert or endless hours to get the most value out of timecard data.

A tool like HeavyConnect’s TimeKeeper gives employers an end-to-end way to capture, store, and analyze employee timecard and productivity data. If you are a grower looking to get more value out of your timecard data, set up a free demo of HeavyConnect’s easy-to-use digital compliance platform, or contact us with any questions at (833) 722-5727.

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