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Food Safety Audits in a Digital World: 4 Things You Must Know

By Team at HeavyConnect on July 15, 2020

It’s no secret that most food safety managers dread audit time. Audit prep can be tedious and frustrating. The good news is, you can change your outlook on audits by knowing these four things:

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Retailers Concerned: Food Safety Standards in the Field (From GOPEX)

By Team at HeavyConnect on January 15, 2020

For those at the Global Organic Produce Expo (GOPEX) in Miami last week, there was a lot of talk of how farming organizations and large food buyers are working to assure that new food safety standards for produce are being met in the field.

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Top Priorities for FSMA in 2020

By Team at HeavyConnect on January 6, 2020

Things might have slowed down over the holidays for some of us, but they certainly didn’t on the food safety and food safety regulatory front.

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